Handmade in
Spencer, West Virginia
Handmade Soaps
The difference is in the care and quality of products. Our Soaps have the best all-natural ingredients, are made with care and consideration for children and adults with a nice, soothing quality of moisturizing characteristics. Once you try our Soaps, you will see the difference having quality ingredients as part of your health care can make.
We are a family owned and operated business in a small rural town in central West Virginia. The care and interest of having the healthy bath products for our kids spurred us to learn and pursue making our own soaps and lotions. After rave reviews and request from family members that we shared with, we decided to share our soaps with everyone. Our goal is to offer high quality soaps at an affordable price for everyone. We are working to offer the perfect blend of soaps with highly moisturizing qualities with attractive scents for everyone.
Recent News
We are currently updating the website, coming out with new labeling, and working to market our soaps locally and commercially on a small scale.
SwallowTail Soaps
Each and every bar of soap is handmade, wrapped, and shipped from our home. I personally order supplies, make the soap, and package the soap in our home and ship to you with all the quality and care one would expect when purchasing handmade soap.
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